Meet Newborn Daughter Max Zuckerberg

A warm welcome to newborn daughter Max Zuckerberg from proud parents, Mark and Priscilla. In celebration, the Facebook CEO yesterday announced that he and his wife would donate most of the shares they own to charities. That equates to almost $45 billion, or 99 percent of their stocks. In his words, that would, “make the whole world a better place” for their newborn daughter, Max.

“Priscilla and I are so happy to welcome our daughter into this world. For her birth, we wrote a letter to her about the world we hope she grows up in” – said Mark in a recent interview. The famous founder posted a picture on Facebook holding his baby daughter, alongside with his wife. Over 40,000 people shared his joy and picture on their Facebook pages as well.

A new perspective on paternity leave

Zuckerberg mentioned that he would look into taking two months of paternity leave to spend time with Max. Apparently, his doing so is an example to be implemented in Facebooks’ employment policy. This new practice would allow taking a paid leave for maternal or paternal reasons. Facebook also gives bonuses up to $4,000 to parents, for help with sustaining their new-borns.

The couple decided to form their new organization, named the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, that will be responsible for administrating the donation process. They plan is to transfer the funds in stages, year by year. The new organization will donate a maximum of $1 billion of the entire Facebook stock over the next three years.

“I’m really looking forward to not just capturing a photo of her first steps, but trying to capture that moment and be able to share that with her family and all our other close friends, and have that ability to be there and feel it and see what it’s like not just in a photo or video,” he said at the time.

Zuckerberg also mentioned that he will not leave his current position at Facebook.
Mark’s charity involvement does not stop here. Additionally, he is teaming up with Bill Gates and other technology billionaires, to form the breakthrough Energy Coalition, which promotes carbon-free energy technology around the world.

Mom and Dad

Mark met his future wife at a Harvard party, back in 2003. Priscilla Chan was one of the first persons to register on Facebook in the month of February, 2004. The couple is famous for their charity activity. A total of $100 million went to public schools in Newark, New Jersey, to raise the quality of education in the community. They’ve also pledged $120 million to schools in low-income or impoverished areas of San Francisco.

In a 2000+ word letter personally addressed to Max, the famous couple mentioned the last decade’s progress regarding connectivity between people and health care improvement in poorer countries. It also includes raised issues in education and internet access that, apparently, will be improved by their new foundation. The letter has a sign attached to it that says: “Love, Mom & Dad.”

It is still unknown the exact day of Max’s birth. The couple has only revealed that this happy event for them took place in the last week.