Netflix Hacked: Accounts Being Sold for 50 cents

Did you ever think you could have your account at Netflix hacked and then sold for half a buck? It seems like someone found a method to access accounts and make profits by reselling them.

A writer from found out recently that her viewing habits on the site were not displaying proper data. To double check, she went to the site and entered her email. The result confirmed her assumption.

The option to be able to view shows on Netflix on multiple devices is very convenient for someone who has, for example, a TV in their bedroom and also an iPad used by their kids. These scenarios create greater vulnerability and require that you have greater security on all your accounts. Use strong passwords that do not contain footprints and, whenever possible, include a double verification option on authentications.

Netflix is not the only media giant that’s becoming a target. Fake accounts are sold on Spotify, Marvel Unlimited, HBO GO or Netflix.

Many of the impostor companies go to great links to feign credibility and stand out from their competitors. They engage in elaborate schemes to fool unsuspecting buyers into thinking they are the real McCoy. “Some of them even offer help desks,” said CTO of Intel Security Raj Samani.

Accounts are not always stolen. The impostor companies simply create fake personal information using piece of collected information they have illegally during the sign-up process of unwitting customers. They’ll obtain confidential information such as credit card details or other payment info to create a fictitious identity. Then, in turn, they sell these accounts.

One way to safeguard your account on Netflix, all you have to do is navigate to your account settings page. There, click “Sign Out Of All Devices.” Following this, you’ll be asked to confirm your identity, and that should keep you safe.

Netflix Hacked