18 Slain At Afghan Airport

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN: An attack by Taliban militants left leaving 18 slain at Afghan Airport. Multiple explosions and gunfire were firing from a distance of two miles. Kandahar is familiar as a lightning rod for conflicts. Partially due to the airport’s dual service – civilian and military transportation. Authorities say that all flights from Kandahar are unable to fly for security reasons.

A statement from the Ministry confirmed that there are at least 18 persons dead and another 35 wounded. Meanwhile, different sources report yet a larger number of victims as a result of the clash. “Since last two days of gunfire, we have more than 100 Taliban fighters dead,” said Rauf Ahmadi – spokesman from the provincial police chief.

18 People Slain

A man stuck in a building near the airport said that people were told to remain inside so that US-NATO forces would not mistake them for attackers.

The tragic event coincided with the start of the Heart of Asia conference in Islamabad. There, Afghani President Ashraf Ghani announced new support in fighting Islamic insurgents.

A statement from the Taliban says suicide attackers armed with weapons entered the base. Attacking soldiers from NATO and Afghanistan’s army forces. Additionally, security officials from the airport announced that the attackers managed to take over some buildings at the airport and then started to fire rockets at the runway.
The attacks come on the eve of an important regional summit aimed at starting peace talks with the militants.

Doctors at a military hospital report that they received 41 casualties including four soldiers. The resulting clashes were the report to be continuing Wednesday.

During the recent months, Taliban forces have been taking a series of tactical locations, including the northern city of Kunduz. The Afghan government and NATO forces are preparing for a long, winter’s battle.