Deadly December Weather Worsens

Residents across a broad section of the US are reeling as the deadly December weather worsens, seemingly by the day.

Holiday travelers are finding hundreds of flights canceled, leaving thousands stranded in airports across the midwest and south. On Sunday, it was over sixteen-hundred flight cancelling and over six thousand delayed. But at least, those folks can tell their tale of Christmas woe to their families.

At least forty-three people were not so lucky, as they lost their lives in this horrific barrage of severe weather that has spawned tornadoes and flash floods.

As emergency crews try to get to the wounded and stranded, drenching rains continue to fall, and more threats of twisters still loom. Alabama, Mississippi, and northern Florida continue to be hammering.

As if The Weather Gods have an axe to grind, portions of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas are not only battling flooding, but heavy snow as well. Icy and white-out conditions prompted New Mexico’s Governor Martinez to call for a state of emergency, calling their situation “dire.”

Some areas of NM, OK and TX could be in store for eight to sixteen inches of new snow. An isolated area or two could be covering under twenty inches, maybe more before the storm clears out sometime Monday.

Heavy snow if falling in the Upper Midwest, along with freezing rain coming on top of the snow afterward. Some sections of Michigan are expecting up to a half-inch of ice in addition to the snowfall. The National Weather Service has stated that travel in those areas will be either dangerous or impossible altogether.

In other portions of the Midwest, Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon also declared a state of emergency as torrential rains and flooding pummeled the State. A minimum of eight people have lost their lives there as a result. The Missouri DOT confirmed that over two hundred roads were flooding to the point of closing.

Deadly December