Adele: Donald Trump May Not Use My Music

Donald Trump has been denied yet again permission to use popular hit songs on his presidential campaign trail. This time from Adele. The Trump campaign is denied the usage of Adele’s songs, reports Francesca Bacardi for E! News.

The real estate tycoon has been known to rev up his crowds on the campaign trail with songs. Such as Adele’s “Skyfall”, and most recently, “Rolling in the Deep”. Adele, however, didn’t want Trump to use her songs and refused him permission to do so.

A fan of the British singer, Trump attended Adele’s performance last year at the Radio City Music Hall.

Trump isn’t the only politician Adele has refused to allow to use her music. Mike Huckabee also used one of her songs for his campaign. Huckabee showed the cover of Adele’s hit song “Hello” on YouTube and Twitter. Since then the copyright owner has muted the audio.

Adele is not the only performer that has banned their music from the political arena. Steven Tyler also refused Trump permission to use Aerosmith’s hits song at rallies and events either. Court documents reveal that Tyler also told the presidential candidate to stop using their music.

E! News quoted the cease letter which stated that ‘Trump for President’ did not have Tyler’s authorization to use his or Aerosmith’s music or songs. It named ‘Dream On’ specifically. Tyler’s camp said the use of Aerosmith’s music falsely gave the impression that the band member endorsed the GOP frontrunner for president.

Trump didn’t miss a beat, though, within days of receiving the legal papers, the savvy entrepreneur Tweeted that Tyler asked him not to use his song even though he has legal rights to do so. Trump added that he had a better song to use in its place.

Neil Young, another well-known performer, spoke out opposing Donald Trump using his song “Rockin’ in the Free World’ that played while he was announcing his presidential candidacy. A citizen of Canada, Young, 69, supports Bernie Sanders for the US Presidency.

The Republican hopeful’s spokesperson clarified later that Trump had purchased and obtained the rights to use Young’s song, but would not use it again.