Donald Trump Bankrupt Card Not Playing

Despite attempt after attempt from the press and his political opponents. The Donald Trump bankrupt card just isn’t seeming to gain any traction.

Thursday night’s debate appeared to be no different when Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Who’s flirting with the image of sore loser, tried to raise the issue of Donald Trump having gone bankrupt four times.

Could it be that the American voter think that going bankrupt is preferable to being a career politician who’s never had the courage to try anything?

When they mock those who have filed bankruptcy. Are they remembering that as of 2012, over 300,000 families a year have to seek bankruptcy protection? Have they forgotten that one of the largest corporations on planet Earth, General Motors, also had to file for bankruptcy protection? Is there anyone left in America who doesn’t know someone who hasn’t filed personal or business bankruptcy?

Does the stigma of bankruptcy carry the same weight as it used to? Or, do those who mock those who have filed bankruptcy only come off as insensitive and critical?

When Rubio raised the issue during the Texas debate, he opened himself up to the attack by Trump that he is yet another politician who has never actually done anything except talk.

Who else has recently played the Donald Trump bankrupt card?

Former Governor Jeb Bush tried it in his last appearance at the Republican debate on February 13th. Trump shot back and managed to portray himself as one who did what he had to do to save struggling businesses, while Bush stood looking a bit like yet another sore loser.

Former Indiana Congressman David McIntosh and his political action committee. The Club for Growth has been running TV ads in Oklahoma and Arkansas pointing our Trump’s bankruptcies. In what has become vintage Trump fashion. He shot back by revealing that the PAC came begging for a one million dollars in a donation which Trump would not give.

The result, another ‘Washinton establishment’ caught trying to either defeat Trump. Or coerce him to become part of the boy’s club.

A theme slowly developing with pundits on political talk shows is that Trump has a way of dealing with his critics. That make them look like jealous, sore losers. Playing the Donald Trump bankrupt card doesn’t seem to be making a dent. This could eventually backfire on those who do.