Latest Celebrity Gossip: Jen & Ben Split Up

Jennifer Garner, 43, was quite candid with Vanity Fair story confirming the latest celebrity gossip reher recent split with movie star husband Ben Affleck, 43. Dubbed ’Nannygate’, the tabloid scandal named their nanny as the reason, reports ET.
Garner stated that their nanny, Christine Ouzounian, didn’t have anything to do with their decision. They had been living separately for months.
It was in June 2015 that Jennifer and Ben, announced their decision to divorce, and the ‘Nannygate’ scandal began. Garner admitting the hardest thing had been explaining to their three children. Sam 4, Seraphina 7 and Violet 10, why the nanny had disappeared and the scandal of it all.
Regarding the media frenzy surrounding ‘Nannygate’, Jennifer admits that she has had to stay offline because it hurts too much.

She explained how Affleck was a complicated kind of guy, how you can feel it when he shines his sun upon you, and also when he casts his shadow.She stated that she and Ben had a ‘real marriage’, that she married a brilliant man who was charismatic, generous, and the love of her life, not just a movie star. But she did not give Vanity Fair any reason to hope that they would ever reunite.

Jennifer admitted that she did not regret marrying Ben. There is no way that she could with three beautiful children who light up when their dad walks into the room. She said the two of them will remain allies with their hopes for themIn Jennifer’s Vanity Fair interview it’s very obvious. That she is taking the highroad about the divorce, as well as the ‘Nannygate’ scandal surrounding it. Although not even Garner could resist the temptation to quip about Hollywood’s latest celebrity gossip concerning Affleck’s recent tattoo.

“Bless his heart,” the West Virginia hometown girl jokes. She says that she refuses to be representing as the ashes in his ‘Phoenix Rising’ tattoo coloring his entire back.

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