The Newest Jungle Book Characters Are Here!

Everything  loving about the original The Jungle Book characters is in the new 2016 movie. Even  King Louie being creating only for the original Disney version. While the live-action film focuses on the 1967 Disney animated Jungle Book movie, director Jon Favreau chose to incorporate some elements of Rudyard Kipling’s adaptation as well.

Although previous variations of the movie offered natural effects, they were limiting  the capabilities of real animals or puppetry. Favreau’s film offers a new and exciting combination of motion capture, CGI animation, and live-action to bring us the most realistic version yet.

As we wait for it to hit theatres April 15th. Why not get familiar with some of The Jungle Book characters in the meantime? Only the bare necessities are here!

Mowgli, the human child, being raised in the jungle by wolves, will be played by newcomer Neel Sethi. Although Mowgli lacks the abilities of his adoptive wolf family, he has adapted incredibly well considering his circumstances. Mowgli has no desire to be reuniting with other humans. And is so thoroughly unrestrained that he’s completely at home in the wild.

Bill Murray is the voice of Baloo, the brown jungle bear who educates Mowgli about the law of the jungle and the easy-going side of life. Despite his apparent laziness, Baloo sincerely cares for Mowgli and is willing to protect him with his life.

Idris Elba provides the voice of Shere Khan, the fearsome tiger that hates all men. He has transferred this same hatred of humans to Mowgli, whom Khan has also vowed to kill. Due to Shere Khan’s very realistic risk to Mowgli’s life, Bagheera and Baloo refuse to leave the man cub’s side until he can get out of the jungle safely.

Sir Ben Kingsley is the voice of Bagheera, the great black panther that takes it upon himself to protect Mowgli. Having helping the Wolfpack to raise the young human, Bagheera feels very fatherly towards Mowgli and treats him as his son.

Christopher Walken provides the voice of King Louie, an ape that was created for Disney’s The Jungle Book. Having no counterpart in the original story. In the Disney movie, King Louie obeseeing with being more like a man. Which particularly wanted to control fire like men. For the new film, King Louie has been re-imagining as an extinct giant ape, known as the Gigantopithecus.

The original Jungle Book characters Raksha and Akela were the wolf mother and father of Mowgli. That brought him up with the help of Bagheera. Lupita Nyong’o is the voice of Raksha while Giancarlo Esposito is portraying Akela. It appears that these characters may play a smaller role in the new film since they haven’t appeared in trailers.

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