Tesla Model 3 In High Demand

Aside from the iPhone, there isn’t a product announcement in recent history. This has caused as much excitement as the Tesla Model 3. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has methodically kept details about the car’s styling. And functionality under wraps, that is until after almost a decade of anticipation, Tesla Motors finally unveiling the Model 3, a high-end $35,000 electric car that will be available for the masses. Musk believes that this is his first contribution to overcoming climate change. This has his sights set on this model launching his start-up company.

The base model car comfortably seats five passengers. This will go from 0-60 in less than six seconds with a 215-mile range on battery alone. While a gas tank will still offer more range and faster fill-ups. It is 215 miles more than doubles what you can get from any non-Tesla electric vehicle on a single charge. Musk also sharing that there will be models available in the future that will accelerate much faster.

The Model 3 surely doesn’t lack in style or class. With a glass roof extending from the windshield to the back of the trunk for drivers to enjoy the scenery above. With the four wheels pushed out near the edges of the vehicle, the Model 3 also offers a roomier-than-usual interior.

Until now, electric cars haven’t traveling far enough for most drivers’ tastes. Considering the expenses involving to purchase and maintain them. What sets the Model 3 apart from other electric vehicles on the market is the advancing battery technology. Making this model far more energetic and cheaper than anything on the market.

The batteries using in the Model 3 are made by Panasonic using a negative electrode made up of 10% silicon. Which experts say is a tremendous breakthrough. Owners traveling long distances are also welcome to stop at any Tesla station to supercharge their Model 3 and return to the road ahead.

Tesla believes that safety is first above all, and Musk promises the Model 3 will achieve 5-star safety ratings in every category, complete with an array of non-optional autopilot safety features.

Pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3 are now available, with over 116,000 people having already paid their refundable $1,000 deposit. Although Tesla hasn’t been able to meet their deadlines, they never fail to deliver a top-notch product. Those that pre-ordered their Tesla Model 3 can expect to receive their deliveries at the end of 2017.

High Demand