Rare Diagnosis Leaves Toddler Paralyzed

Happy and active two-year-old Nolan Nachreiner’s life changed in a matter of hours in late January 2016. His parents say that he went from being a completely healthy toddler to being entirely paralyzed; he could hardly move a finger.

His father explains the day his son’s life changed forever. He and his wife had given Nolan some milk in a sippy cup. Noticing he was having problems trying to hold onto the cup. Later on in the day, his parents saw he was unable to stand up on his own. He wasn’t able to sit upright without falling over.

Nolan’s parents hurried taking him to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh but his condition left doctors uncertain of what was going on with the toddler. Doctors kept him in the intensive care unit. After many medical exams and countless MRI’s, it became clear that the two-year-old was affected by a one in a million rare condition causes by a viral infection in his spinal cord.

The rare condition that Nolan Nachreiner is suffering from in called transverse myelitis. Doctors from the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh say Nolan had a viral infection which sent a response from his immune system, but instead of his body attacking the virus, his body targeted his spinal cord.

While Nolan was in the intensive care unit, suffering from high fevers and other complications. Amazingly, after little Nolan’s condition stabilized, he was transferred to the Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. He is now receiving occupational therapy and physical therapy to recover his strength. His parents and doctors are glad to say he already is making good progress. He can control his movement in his shoulders and head.

Nolan’s treatment for his rare condition is unpredictable and very long. Sadly, studies show that not many people recover, and more than 33 percent of those with this paralyzed condition never recover completely. Not many cases have shown full recovery, but Nolan’s family is very optimistic. Life has been difficult for Nolan and his parents due to his rare condition where he now needs 24-hour care. Nolan is expecting to be release around the same time his mother is planning to deliver another baby.

Paralyzed Toddler