Kylie Jenner Responds To Bad Ratings

It looks like Kylie Jenner’s beauty record is getting back on track. Shortly after Kylie Cosmetics got an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau, the grade changed to a “C.” The CEO of the BBB said they made the adjustment when they became aware of the mass volume of business her cosmetic line receives. Within that context, the percentage of complaints was much smaller.

Kylie made a statement to her customers, saying she loves everything about Kylie Cosmetics and will do anything in her power to protect and improve her products every day and make her fans happy.

She also addressed that some of the complaints issued had no resolution. She said they sold millions of Lip Kits, and any received claims have been treated promptly.

Kylie Jenner was ecstatic after announcing her largest restock ever, a new highlighter and lip liner singles. However, the Better Business Bureau had other plans. In the first review of Kylie’s business, the BBB labeled Kylie Cosmetics with an “F” rating, the lowest score available.

The Bureau’s website outlines 133 complaints regarding delivery, product issues, and billing problems and evaluated over the past year. Reportedly, five issues went unresolved and the business fails to address the underlying cause of their pattern of complaints.

At the end of May, Kylie Cosmetics posted a picture of their new, less conspicuous packaging. The lip-dripping kits were so recognizable that they were often taken en route to customers homes.

Considering that 69 complaints regarded delivery, it’s likely many have been stole before the re-design of the box. Kylie Cosmetics told the BBB in May that they were working to change their packaging, but the BBB states that as of the end of June the pattern of complaints continues.

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