Santa Clarita Valley Wildfire Continues

The Santa Clarita Valley wildfire continues to burn, leaving significant portions of the Los Angeles Basin covered with ash and smoke. It has already scorched more than 10,000 acres leading to compulsory evacuations in many surrounding areas.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department says they have only 10% of the fire under control. Made known on Friday at about 2 p.m, it had burned over 2,000 acres throughout the night. Winds of up to 40 miles per hour stoked the fire causing its rapid growth.

Several hundred residences in Little Tujunga Canyon are still under evacuation orders. Fire officials have removed mandatory evacuation orders for people in Soledad Canyon.

300 plus firefighters are combating the Santa Clarita Valley wildfire. However, their endeavor is all the more difficult with powerful winds and dry, scolding temperatures. These factors created conditions which lead to the sand fire becoming much larger on Saturday.

Public information officer, Richard Lincon, says, “There’s a great possibility that the fire will increase in size.”

The blaze comes as weather officials cautioned Saturday as marking the height of a local heat wave. Temperatures may balloon up to a peak of 106 degrees Fahrenheit in the eastern Santa Clarita Valley region. This area is where the fire is currently at one of its strongest points, still spreading relentlessly.

A giant cloud of smoke that started covering a big portion of the Los Angeles area Saturday has propelled the South Coast Air Quality Management District to put out a warning that remains in place until Sunday at midnight. Along with this, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health increased the length of their heat alert throughout the entire weekend.

People are to stay away from any strenuous physical activity taking place outside. Those with heart problems or respiratory issues, as well as children and older adults are advised to keep indoors.

We expect that temperatures will begin dropping Sunday and level out into the mid-90’s for the week ahead. However, caution will still be required until department officials declare that the Santa Clarita Valley wildfire is completely under control.

Wildfire Continues