Cristiane Justino Struggles To Cut Weight

Before Cristiane Justino and Lina Lansberg square off in Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 95, there’s still one obstacle: the scale.

Lansberg (6-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) is aware of Justino’s (16-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC) public struggle with her weight. However, she is not going to grant her opponent any extra pounds. Lansberg said if “Cyborg” misses their 140-pound limit, Saturday’s headliner will be off.

Lansberg said “We are both professionals, and we have signed a contract at 140 pounds. And she has already been given 140 instead of 135, and we all have to remember the UFC weight is 135, and she’s the only one fighting above it. I’m fighting at 135 as well, and the contract is 140, so I do expect her to make weight, and I’ll fight at 140 and nothing else.”

So, if “Cyborg” is over the limit, Lansberg won’t participate in the fight?

“No, probably I won’t, no,” Lansberg said.

The headlining fight takes place at Nilson Nelson Gymnasium Saturday in the Brazilian capital.

Lansberg says her weight cut has been “perfect” with only seven pounds to go. She claims to have “no worries at all.” In fact, it was on her way to get food that Lansberg had an encounter with her weight-cutting opponent.

“I was on my way there to buy some fruits and goodies – that I still can eat,” Lansberg said. “And we crossed her way. She was running in her sweat suit. Yeah, I know the feeling, but we’ve known for months, so it’s her responsibility.”

Justino wouldn’t commit to specific numbers but did confirm that she was “a little lighter” than 10 pounds over the limit following her run this morning.

Justino plans to finish her weight cut tonight and arrive in the early moments of the two-hour window that fighters can use to make official weight.

“If it’s late, it will be because I had a hard cut in the morning, too,” Cristiane Justino said. “But I hope to be early. I’ll try to do everything today, and if it happens, a little bit tomorrow. But I want to do today because you can sleep and have your mind be clean and everything all right.”