Bill Nunn Dies At Age 62

Bill Nunn, the actor famous for his roles as Radio Raheem in “Do the Right Thing” and the Duh Duh Duh Man in “New Jack City,” died Saturday at age 62.

In honor of the movies 25th anniversary, the filmmaker talks about the inspirations behind his 1989 masterpiece Spike Lee. A friend from Morehouse College, who cast Nunn’s first acting role in 1988’s School Daze, first announced that Nunn passed away Saturday morning.

Reports also say that Nunn’s family and the city’s theater community confirmed his death. No cause of death is available.

“My dear friend, My dear Morehouse brother – Da great actor Bill Nunn as most of you know him as Radio Raheem passed away this morning in his hometown Of Pittsburgh,” Lee wrote. “Long Live Bill Nunn. Radio Raheem is now resting in power. Radio Raheem will always be fighting da powers dat be. May God Watch over Bill Nunn.”

At Morehouse, after considering a career in political science and majoring in English, Nunn found his passion for acting. His father William Nunn was an NFL scout for the Pittsburgh Steelers and a journalist.

“I didn’t know what the heck I wanted to do really,” Nunn said in 2007. “When I got that theater bug that was my heart. That’s what I found I had a passion for.”

Nunn is in the 1991 gangster film “New Jack City” as the stuttering enforcer.

Nunn’s physical figure and features made him a perfect fit for tough guy roles, the actor shows his softer side in films such as “Regarding Henry,”