Lindsay Lohan’s Boating Accident

Lindsay Lohan has made it through the world mostly intact. Recently, she had a close call, though. Lohan was in a Turkish boating accident over the weekend, according to her Snapchat. She temporarily lost a portion of her finger, but they found it and were able to re-attach it.

That was pretty scary! There’s also a gruesome photo if you want to look at it available online. Imagine part of Lindsay Lohan being at the bottom of the Mediterranean forever, some bit of bone lying under the sea, alongside ancient ships. Better to have the finger rescued and attached to its owner again.

Lohan seems well enough in the aftermath of the accident. A dedicated fan of Lohan’s has put her post-surgery video online. And in the video, she shows her bandaged her left ring finger, then gives a quirky little laugh. Poor Lindsay! But, as she always does, she’s moving on. With a life like her’s, what else can you do?