Drake and Taylor Swift Dating?

Dating rumors continue around Drake and Taylor Swift, which will undoubtedly happen when two popular superstars hang out together. However, are Drake and Taylor Swift dating? You really can’t think anything about the rumor is true, especially when neither has stated it to be. Also, nobody from Drake or Swift’s camps has made any remarks, so until that happens, anything including the two performers is pure theory. Clamor has contacted reps for Swift and Drake for input on the reports, however, has not yet got a reaction.

These dating comments started last Sunday when the “1989” singer went to Drake’s 30th birthday party. The two were apparently seen getting very comfortable with each other. The source said they were on each other, no kissing but touching each other. A source close to Taylor says she and Drake are just friends.

However, would they say they are just good friends? Are they moving in silence? But that doesn’t mean we can’t round up the Drake and Swift dating gossip.

Are things getting “real” around here? Sources say Drake wants to make sure she met his inner circle. His inner circle consists of his mother and close friends, especially as she isn’t “a regular” at his gatherings. So, the two are just friends and not together. It’s still cool to think about, even if it’s not true.

There’s further talk that Swift’s ex Tom Hiddleston is amazed about her new “relationship.” Sources say Tom is shocked that Taylor was flirting with Drake at his birthday party. Tom was taken back that she could be with a guy so opposite of him.

You don’t say? That’s not all, either. The source added that Tom is in denial about the thought that Taylor and Drake could be a new couple. Although Tom may want the best for Taylor, he just doesn’t want to believe it and couldn’t see them working out.


Seeing as Rihanna and Drake once dated (or appeared to), is there any valid reason why she wouldn’t give Swift some guidance about dating him? Rihanna has cautioned Taylor to avoid Drake since he’ll just make her extremely upset. A source also says Taylor doesn’t stand a chance with Drake. She has nothing Drake wants, and she definitely doesn’t want the type of headaches and drama he’s capable of giving a woman.

Drake’s a deadly spider and Taylor can mess around and get bit if she wants to.

During the rapper’s huge birthday party, the two individuals he truly thought about were his mother and the “Bad Blood” artist. The only person he spent more time with other than his mom was Taylor. The two were also seen hanging in Swift’s booth where they were intimately flirting, talking closely and laughing.