Mariah’s World: Just What You Would Expect

Mariah’s World is exactly what you would expect from an E! reality show about Mariah Carey.

The first episode debuts Sunday at nine. SNL’s Stefon enthusiastically refers to as the Mariah Carey version of everything. Carey talks about her modern childhood while spending time on an elegant yacht. An appearance by the pop star’s long-standing enemy Bianca Storm – who is just Carey in a brunette wig. Cute cameos from her twin children, Moroccan and Monroe, who she refers to as Roc and Ro. A fair-spoken manager named Stella who’s always trying to keep Carey’s stress level down. Candid conversations where Carey speaks directly to the camera while lounging on a day bed wearing a corset.

And of course, many shots of Carey’s cleavage. If there is an Award for Outstanding Commitment to Display of Cleavage, there is no show that deserves it more than Mariah’s World.

This documentary series aims to follow Carey on a European tour, after the postponement of her wedding to Australian businessman James Packer. However, it’s really just an extended advertisement for the Mariah brand. It’s the real but clearly calculated work of reality shows that is only worth watching if you’re a hardcore fan. Mariah’s World is only semi-appealing at best, mostly because even the unself-aware diva moments come across as somewhat aware.

In an eye-rolling moment, Carey said she never wanted to do the documentary and following her around by cameras. Then, it shows her getting pushed in an office chair because she can’t walk in her heels. Carey knows viewers will believe she’s a high-maintenance narcissist, so she beats us to the punch by calling herself one to her own face. It’s like she preemptively hates on her own show.

If Mariah Carey did weird things like that throughout the entire first episode, I might recommend Mariah’s World. The premiere’s biggest downfall is that it’s the same as every other celebrity-aggrandizing reality show that’s ever existed. The famous subjects act as the glorified, perfectly photographed center of the universe. Problems that are minor to most seem like a crisis. Possible dramas arise in ways that seem entirely orchestrated.

When the manager Stella hires Molly to act as Carey’s personal assistant during the tour, Stella tells her that during her first year, she’s not able to have a boyfriend and that she’s can not cry in Stella’s office. So of course, on Molly’s first day, when she can’t get Carey’s Apple TV set up in her hotel room correctly, Molly starts crying immediately. (Apparently, the Glitter star can’t sleep without her Apple TV on.) And you just go: Of course, the person most likely to break down makes for the best TV.

With so much to watch on TV right now, you can definitely do better than this. The world is big, and there’s a lot more to explore in it than Mariah Carey making her best attempt at a Kardashian knock-off.

Mariah Carey’s World