Ronaldo & Mourinho Accused Of Tax Avoidance

According to a document leak, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho have not paid taxes on millions of dollars by channeling money abroad.

Mourinho, the Manchester United manager, and Ronaldo, the Real Madrid star, allegedly moved significant amounts of money to the British Virgin Islands.

The allegations come from two terabytes of leaked information, including original contracts.

Ronaldo and Mourinho both deny the claims.

Football agency Gestifute represents both men. He says that any accusations made to them over taxes are being reported to the legal authorities and will be prosecuted.

An international corporation of journalists published the claims, which obtained a pile of nearly 18 million documents. There are also other top players in the documents.

The European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) consortium includes UK’s Sunday Times, Spain’s El Mundo, and German newspaper Der Spiegel. They say they intend to publish a series of articles labeled “Football Leaks” over the upcoming weeks.

However, the leaks come eight months after the Panama Papers exposed how the rich and powerful around the world hide their wealth with tax havens.

Ronaldo & Mourinho

One of the papers shows that Ronaldo transferred $67.7 million dollars to the British Virgin Islands in 2014.

Eleven days before Spain changed an advantageous tax law, the striker moved sponsorship fees via two Irish companies to the tax haven.

Ronaldo is also not responding to questions from the consortium.

The documents are from the time when Mourinho was the manager of Real Madrid between 2010 and 2013.

Ronaldo’s current employer, The Club, will not respond to news agencies requests for comment.

Manchester United says these allegations relate to events prior to Mourinho’s arrival at the club. Apparently this is why they will not comment.

According to the EIC, Mourinho moved $12.9 million to a Swiss account owned by a British Virgin Islands company.

Friday’s leaks also centered on “a system” Mr. Mendes put in place. The company also denies any wrongdoing. His company, Gestifute, says neither Ronaldo or Mourinho are involved in legal proceedings of the tax evasion commission.