Eagles Guard Brandon Brooks Diagnosed With Anxiety

Brandon Brooks, the starting right guard for the Philadelphia Eagles confessed this Wednesday that he had been diagnosed with anxiety recently.

After missing two of the last three games because of the illness, he decided to reach out and let everyone know what was going on. Each instance occurred the morning of a game.

Brooks explained Wednesday after practice that it isn’t fear of the game. It’s more of an obsession with the games! He knows it’s an unhealthy obsession at the moment and he’s working with team doctors to get everything straightened out. He sought the help that he needs after realizing he couldn’t defeat it on his own.

After his diagnosis, Brooks began taking medication for his anxiety. Because the medicine takes time to build up in the system, he fell ill last week before the Redskins game. Brooks has had other anxiety instances outside of game days, but they seem to go unnoticed.


This past offseason, Brooks signed a contract for a $40 million, five-year deal with the Eagles. However, he previously missed two games due to similar symptoms while with the Houston Texans. He explains that he wakes up sick early in the morning vomiting and this lasts a full 24 hours.

He initially thought it was an ulcer that was preventing him from attending the games.

Brooks spoke with the other players on his team about his illness, and they all seem to have his back. He told reporters that along with taking his medicine, he would also like to talk to a psychiatrist.

He considers himself to be an open and honest individual who should be able to tell people what’s going on with him. That’s one of the reasons why he decided to go public with the information. Brooks doesn’t consider anxiety to be something people should be ashamed of. He just wants to get the help he needs and move on with life.

Brooks also says that he would like to be an advocate for those going through similar illnesses and issues, and hopes that him speaking out will bring the right attention.