Golden State Warriors Beat The Knicks 103-90

The Golden State Warriors won against the New York Knicks Thursday night making it their eighth game in the last 12 days.

During this tiresome stretch of games, it didn’t help that the seventh city they played was Oakland.

Steve Kerr, head coach of the Warriors, explained to reporters that even though the team is playing a rigorous schedule, they have to continue to fight and play through it. The Warriors beat the Knicks 103-90.

The team looked exhausted as they went up against the Knicks, who had already put two of their top three scorers, Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony, on the bench to rest.

From the beginning of the game, it was obvious that Golden State wasn’t in A-1 shape. The team bricked their first five shots including layups and jump shots. Kevin Durant told reporters that his team was not up to par when the game began.

Though not playing their best, they still put up 32 points in the first quarter of the game.

Even though the Warriors started the game lagging, their ball handling stayed on point! The passes they were throwing were tremendous, making the Knicks defense play a bit tougher.

Zaza Pachulia has been out of the game due to his injury, but this has given Javale Mcgee the chance to start. 36 field goals were made at the start assisted by the Warriors.

When talking about the Warriors’ ability to share the ball amongst the other players, Klay Thompson spoke to reporters about how his team was handling the ball. He told them that they are trying to be the first team since the Lakers to make an average of over 15 assists with 30 in a game as long as they can continue to keep up their pace.

Golden State Warriors VS The Knicks

Steph Curry also said that he felt that Mcgee gave the team a leg up, but put a lot of pressure on the other team. He initially scored 17 points in the first half which is the most he has put since playing for the Denver Nuggets back in 2012.

Curry also spoke about how Mcgee seems to be there already ready for the ball. He said that in the frenzy of it all, they can always spot him by the rim waiting for the setup.

With the shooting that the Warriors possess, McGee adds another layer of pressure on the defense. Opposing teams must honor his threat at the rim, thus, creating more spacing for cutters and penetration off the dribble.

And nobody benefited from McGee’s presence on the court more than Klay Thompson, who scored a game-high 25 points and connected on four lobs with the athletic big man.

After the game, McGee said he has a different dimension when he’s on the wide-open floor with their starting unit out there. That way when they get in the paint, there’s always an option to throw it up.