Mariah Carey’s Manager Speaks Out

Everyone is still whispering about Mariah Carey’s live performance during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve, but the person with the most to say about the fiasco is Carey’s manager, Stella Bulochnikov.

To recap, during the NYE special, Carey encountered technical issues impairing her sound. The sound issues meant Carey could not adequately perform her tracks that were prerecorded.

Obviously annoyed about the situation, Mariah went on with the show. At one point she was trying to tell the crowd that she and her dancers could not hear the music and that they were going to get through the moment. She also told the crowd that she was trying to be a good sport.

Bulochnikov says that she is upset with how they dealt with Mariah’s performance and that the country deserves better.

Pointing out that she has not spoke with the host, Ryan Seacrest, since the debacle, Bulochnikov said that producers were asking her what to do. She told them to turn off the feed to the west coast and edit it so that they could do right by Carey.

Carey’s Manager

TV executive Michael Schimmel told Mariah’s manager that they couldn’t cut the feed.

Bulochnikov went on to say that she was in disgust with how the execs handled the situation. She can’t believe they wouldn’t edit in a better performance for those to see on the west coast. She feels that the executives did not do a reshoot because they wanted Mariah’s performance to go viral and bring in more ratings.

Carey’s former manager and ex-husband Tommy Mottola took a moment to criticize Carey and the ordeal. However, her manager was not having it! She told reporters that Mottola was just jealous that Mariah Carey’s career was continuing to do well without his help. She said that he is also jealous because he hasn’t signed an artist in over 15 years and that he should mind his own business.

Though some are still revved up over the performance, or lack thereof, Carey seems unbothered.

Carey made a tweet to her followers on Sunday saying that things happen. She went on to wish them a happy new year and made a toast to making more headlines this year.