Miss Universe Top 5 Fails

There’s a lot of pressure for Miss Universe contestants when it comes to the pageant scene. Whether it’s walking the stage with millions watching while you work that dress, or the 30 seconds they get to answer a hot topic question, earning the title is more complicated than most think.

Over time, there have been contestants that have shown that live shows can be too much. The ending result may lead to wardrobe malfunctions, missed lines, and or even mistaken identity.
The Miss Universe is this Sunday night, but we’re going to take a look at a some of the unforgettable mishaps from the last pageant.

Goodbye Crown

Last May, Kristielee Caride who was Miss Puerto Rico Universe did not receive her crown. The reps at Univision told reporters that the choice to take the crown came after Caride decided not to participate in interviews. She even told camera operators that she didn’t like to be recorded. Not the decision for someone who chose to be in the spotlight.

“A” For Effort

Miss Venezuela Universe of 2012 was asked by judge Diego Boneta to come up with a new law. However, her answer was not up to par. Trying to explain her answer is a bit confusing, but you can find it on YouTube.

Media Exposure

After winning the title of Miss Universe back in 2014, Jennifer Hawkins found herself in an embarrassing situation as she took to the catwalk. As Hawkins began to strut her stuff, her bare behind and underwear became exposed after a horrible wardrobe malfunction.

Watch Your Step

As Miss Universe strolled down the catwalk in her beautiful gown, she encountered what no beauty queen expects to happen. Rachel Smith tripped and fell on her bottom while walking to the front of the stage. Sadly she was not able to move to the final stages, but the video of falling continues to float online for all to see.

Harvey’s Heat

We couldn’t end the list without mentioning Steve Harvey and his big oops moment. When it came time to award the actual winner of the contest, Miss Philippines Pia Wurtsbach, Harvey slipped up and announced the runner up as the winner, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, and the Internet went nuts! Through tears, he woefully apologized about the mishap on his talk show. However, he was picked up to return hosting the contest for the next couple of years.

The Miss Universe Competition for 2017 kicks off this Sunday night airing on FOX at 7 P.M.