Patriots Always Put On A Great Super Bowl

Sure, the first fifty Super Bowls were pretty amazing. However, if Sunday is any sign of what’s coming in the next fifty, the NFL should charge double for a 30-second commercial ad.

You saw the game and read the recaps, so you already know how Super Bowl LI went. This marks the seventh time the New England Patriots made it to the Super Bowl in the past 15 years. And again for the seventh time, they put on a show worth watching.

It may not have felt good rooting for the Patriots to make a 25-point comeback over the Falcons. But we couldn’t stay off the edge of our seats when incredible moments kept coming up during the game.

With Brady and Bill Belichick, the closest they’ve come to a Super Bowl blowout was their 24-21 win over the Eagles in 2005.

In the eight Super Bowls since 2001 where the Patriots haven’t participated, the only standout games were in 2009 with the Steelers-Cardinals and in 2013 with the Ravens-49ers.

The Patriots had 546 yards of offense and a shocking Super Bowl record 37 first downs. That’s only one of 11 single-game Super Bowl records New England set. Other records include most passing yards by Brady with 466. Most points for a player, James White with 20 points. And most catches by a player is again White with 14.

Gostkowski also kept things interesting, forcing the Patriots to go for two twice, which they successfully did. They also ran the most plays in a Super Bowl ever with 93, that’s over double the 46 from Atlanta. However, the Falcons had an average of 1.6 more yards per play than the Patriots. And remember that the Patriots did all of this while still trailing 28-3 in the third quarter.

The probability of the Falcons winning reached unimaginable levels thanks to many things that may already be forgotten. For example, Grady Jarrett’s three-sack achievement, the catch before the catch from Julio Jones, the pick-six by Robert Alford, and an MVP-worthy performance by Matt Ryan.

The Patriots tend to bring out the best in their opponents, but unfortunately for the Falcons, their best wasn’t enough this time.

However, the Falcons will certainly be back. Unlike recent teams that crumble after losing a Super Bowl, Atlanta will be okay. Luckily, all of their key players are still under contract to come back next season- except one restricted free agent, Taylor Gabriel.

Some debate that losing Kyle Shanahan, offensive coordinator, would disrupt the balance. However, the defense is going to get much stronger, and the offense may take a step back.

Sunday, fans hoping for New England’s dynasty to end saw a ray of hope in the middle of the third quarter. But as White crossed the line for the final goal, reality set back in that their light isn’t ready to be shut off. Regardless, we must all admit one thing about New England: They put on a hell of a show!

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