Journalists Shot Dead On Facebook Live

After shooters opened fire in the Dominican Republic during a Facebook Live news program, two journalists died.

Presenter of the news program Milenio Caliente or “Hot Millenium,” Luís Manuel Medina, was killed Tuesday morning on air. Leo Martinez, Director and Producer of the program, was also shot dead in an office at the FM 103.5 radio station.

During the live video, you can hear gunfire and a woman screaming “Shots! Shots!” before abruptly losing transmission.

Dayaba Garcia, the station secretary, also has injuries from the attack and went to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Three men are under arrest after the shooting in San Pedro de Macorís and awaiting charges.

Milenio Caliente is a well-known local radio program because of their interesting political analysis and social movements.

Recently, Medina was condemning the pollution of a protected lake, Laguna Mallen, in San Pedro.

Olivo de Leon is from the College of Journalism and knows both men. She says the shooting was uncommon in their country.

De Leon says that we need to investigate the killers and the authors to understand why they were victims of murder. However, impunity would put journalists in fear of losing their jobs for speaking out. Olivo de Leon says the government has to ensure freedom of expression.

Although murders are rare, harassing journalists that report on corruption and crime is rather common in the Dominican Republic.

In recent years journalists were receiving death threats and online harassment for speaking out against the disputed court ruling in 2013 stripping Dominicans of Haitian origins of their citizenship.

The last reporter to fall victim to murder in the country is Blas Olivo in April 2015. Police say, Blas was the victim of a robbery. However, they didn’t take his phone or car. The case is still ongoing.

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