Jet’s Cornerback Darrelle Revis Is In Hot Water

Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets is under fire with the Pittsburgh Police Department. Last weekend, Revis was in an altercation in Philadelphia. He is facing charges of robbery, conspiracy, aggravated assault, and terroristic threats.

The All-Pro football player is a native to Aliquippa, but not known whether or not he is presently in Pennsylvania.

On Sunday, police found two males unconscious on the side of the road. According to the two men, one recognized Revis and began filming him. Revis then took the phone in an attempt to delete the video, and the other man tried to help retrieve his phone back. The men say that’s all they remember before talking to police. The men were unconscious for over 10 minutes.

Blane Jones, Revis’s attorney, made a statement saying that it was Revis who was assaulted. His attorney says that he went to the hospital because of the altercation. Jones also says that there would be a news conference held on Thursday night to discuss the matter.

Via email, Mr. Jones said that Revis was visiting friends and family when he went home to Philidelphia over the weekend. After checking out some land that Revis is in the process of developing, he was confronted by at least five individuals. Out of fear, Revis ran from his aggressors.

Authorities received a copy of the video from one of the individuals he allegedly attacked.

The following timeline was provided:

– Two people walk up to Revis and compliment his clothes and ask if he is Revis.

– Revis tells them yes, and the gentlemen continue to record and follow him.

– The three men begin to push each other as Revis asks them to leave him alone.

– The victims claim that Revis took the phone from one of the men in an attempt to get rid of the video.

– An accomplice to Revis walks up, and the two individuals are hit. No one saw who hit who.

– The two individuals who were unconscious went to the hospital. One victim had broken bones near his eye.
Revis led Aliquippa High School to their 2003 state championship and was named AA player of the year.

He went on to be the number 14 draft pick by the Jets in 2007. So far he has played for Tampa Bay and New England, where he and his team were the champions of the XLIX Superbowl.

Darelle Revis