5 Thoughts On The Deadline For The NBA Trade

Here are five Thoughts on the Deadline for the NBA Trade.

1. Deadline For NBA Trade

Thursday, February 23rd at 3 pm ET. The trade will be the first in history to implicate a new labor agreement. People are looking forward to seeing how general managers weave throughout the new monetary cap under the new rules. There’s an ample amount of money flowing throughout the league, which gives individuals a chance get more aggressive with numbers.

2. Adam Silver’s Age Limit

He has handled the situation correctly. Players and agents want to keep the rule the same and focus on more significant issues.

3. All-Star Saturday Night

It was not an exciting evening. It would be nice if the NBA changed the format of the game. However, if there aren’t enough great dunkers out on the court, the evening tends to be less energetic. Aaron Gordon didn’t show up to play as was expected after an exciting year with Toronto. The three-point shootout is always great to watch especially since it’s a challenge of skill.

4. Jimmy Butler With The Bulls

General Manager Gar Forman should think about rebuilding the team. It doesn’t seem as if making a move to add Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo to the team has panned out. He should remove his best asset since it seems their time with the team is done.

5. Raptors

The Celtics are going to eat their dust when they play against them this Friday night at home. They have two games coming up against the Wizards that will be back to back, and games against the Hawks in upcoming weeks that will set the tone for who will be leading the East. The Raptors should try to add another wing player to the team. Right now on the roster as wing players, the Raptors have Norman Powell, DeMar DeRozan, and DeMarre Carroll. When choosing, they should look for a player with experience, depth, veteran insurance, shooting skills, and how they are on defense. When a team enters the playoffs, they need good players in the two and three spots. However, it’s still good to have four centers, four point guards, and three power forwards. It’s honestly a luxury. Serge Ibaka would make for a great fit. Just give the team some tough love, and they should be all set for April 15th and forward. The Raptors would have a major gain if they could make it happen.