Target Corporation Share Changes

Wednesday, Morgan Stanley changed its price goal on Target Corporation shares.

There are four sell ratings, nine buy ratings, and 17 hold ratings on the stock.

Currently, the Target Corporation consensus rating has a goal price of $72.83 each share, a possible 23.93% increase.

Investor Peter Lynch says that if you struggle with investment ideas, the best thing to do is invest in what you already know. For many Target shoppers, it’s rare to walk out of the store without spending at least $100.

Instead of blindly believing in Lynch’s advice, we should use it to gather ideas to dig deeper into the companies. If the business is financially solid and valuable, it’s not a bad idea to start investing.

Dividend History

The dividend history of a company gives you a good look into their historical quality. Companies with decades of increasing profits got where they are by combining strong management teams and business models that are willing to reward investors.

Since 1967, Target has paid investors higher and higher dividends. From 1972 to the end of 2016, Target gave shareholders a pay raise every year. That’s 44 years of increases in a row making them the Dividend Champions.

Throughout the store’s history, they have shown impressive profit growth. Rather than basing the growth steadily every year, it is based on the business in clusters. However, when viewing their rolling dividend growth over time, Target has continually been on the incline as far as profits and sales.

Target Corporation pays out a yearly dividend of $2.40 with an average profit growth of 13.7 percent basing it off of a three-year average.

Target Corporation