Golden State Warriors Remain Focused On Playoffs

Although the Golden State Warriors lost one of their best players, Kevin Durant, due to an injury, the team continues to push forward. He is looking to make a full recovery and return soon.

Thursday, Stephen Curry said the team is breathing easier knowing that Durant will be returning this season. He said right now the team’s focus is on winning and playing better. He also made a statement saying that the team is working to be contenders in the playoffs.

As of now, the Warriors have the NBA’s top record and are set to play in the in the playoffs as they look forward to winning a second championship. But currently, the team will have to continue to chug along without their top scorer for the rest of the regular season.

Durant, who averages 8.2 rebounds and 25.3 points a game, pulled a ligament in his leg and bruised the bone. His teammate Zaza Pachulia toppled over him after being pushed by opposing player Marcin Gortat of the Wizards.

A re-evaluation of Durant’s injuries is set for a month. That will give him approximately two weeks left to play in the regular season. The playoffs begin in April.

The Warriors became the earliest team in the history of the NBA to snatch a spot in the playoffs last Saturday when they won against Brooklyn.

However, Durant isn’t the only big wig on the team. Two years ago, the Warriors were able to snag the NBA championship. And last season, they set the league record with 73 wins. The team was able to accomplish all this before signing Durant to a two-year deal with the Warriors.

Draymond Green says even though they miss him dearly, the world hasn’t ended. He said that the team still has to play hard with or without him.

Forward Matt Barnes has been signed by Golden State to play in place of Durant. So far, he has been able to add extra defense and toughness to the team, who are looking forward to the playoffs. Barnes played with the Warriors for two years at the beginning stages of his career back in 2007. At Sacramento, he played 54 games before he was waived.

Barnes says that he is thankful to be playing for the Warriors again. He says the team has excellent chemistry on and off of the court. He says he is excited to be a part of the team.

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