Paris Jackson Signs IMG Modeling Contract

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late and great Michael Jackson, recently signed a modeling contract with IMG Models Thursday. According to Ivan Bart, IMG Models president, she is now officially a high-fashion model.

The 18-year-old wrote on social media that she feels blessed and lucky to be a part of IMG models.

Currently, Paris Jackson’s net worth is over $100 million. She was born in Beverly Hills in April of 1998, becoming Michael Jackson’s second child. Since his death in 2009, Paris has made many public appearances.

Michael’s three children, Blanket, Prince, and Paris Jackson were to inherit $750 million. However, in his will from 2002, his kids were to get a third of their portion on their 30th birthday. They would get another half after five years, and the rest of the amount on their 40th birthday. Meaning that Paris’s net worth will increase significantly once she turns 30.

Paris has tried committing suicide multiple times in the past due to having low self-esteem. She admits that once it came out to the public, she felt more self-hatred, and felt that she wasn’t worthy of living. After her final attempt at 15 years old, she was sent to Utah for treatment at a therapeutic school. Paris says that school changed her life and made her an entirely different person.

She has recently been appearing at more events, such as the Grammys. She is also hoping to begin her acting career on a series called “Star.” When being asked if she was interested in a music career as her father did, she said no.

Ms. Jackson writes music for herself as an outlet for her pain, but it isn’t something she wants to pursue as a career.

Paris Jackson