Children Are Consuming Hand Sanitizer

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, kids age 6 through 12 are purposely consuming hand sanitizer. Related illnesses have been tracked in kids who are 12 and under from the years 2011 and 2014.

Studies show that kids around those ages were intentionally abusing sanitizers that include alcohol.

Most hand sanitizers contain up to 60-90% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. Ingesting those ingredients can cause harmful effects to the body. Besides problems breathing, large amounts of acid can also build up in the skin tissue, and it is possible that one can end up falling into a coma.

From 2005 up to the year 2009, studies show an increase of children who were consuming the product and becoming ill. As researchers went through information from studies in 2011 up to 2014, they found that children are continuing the trend.

As stated by the CDC during their studies, researchers saw that 70,660 illness were by hand sanitizer consumption, and 90% of them were with items that had alcohol in them.

Though a few of the incidents with children five years and younger seem to be accidental, close to 6,200 of the incidents reported with the kids six years of age and older were on purpose.

Those who consume the product typically have symptoms of vomiting or nausea. They also seem to get the product in their eyes causing irritation. More severe cases involve kids having seizures or ending up on comas.

Most cases are from children consuming the hand sanitizer during school. Most schools have hand sanitizer easily available due to the rise of sickness within schools. Though helpful, this gives children access to the dispensers making it easier for them to abuse it.

Researchers at the Texas Poison Center have data that indicates from the year 2000 to the year 2011, close to 385 kids who consumed hand sanitizer did not do so at home, but more than likely at their schools.

The CDC suggests that when children utilize hand sanitizer, that it should be done under the supervision of an adult in charge.

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