The Wizards Felt Disrespected After Sundays Game

The Washington Wizards felt that the Golden State Warriors had disrespected them after losing to them 139-115.

Brandon Jennings felt offended when the Warriors center tried to shoot a three-point shot, even though the team was already up by 22 points with only 6.9 seconds left. After Mcgee had attempted the shot, Jennings shoved Mcgee to the ground. Refs gave Jennings a flagrant-1 foul.

When the game came to an end, Warriors Coach Steve Kerr tried to issue out an apology.

Jennings said that he felt Mcgee was disrespectful by not just letting the clock run out. Jennings also says that it is a rule of the game that he learned when after he first got into the league. He says that they were already ahead by 20 points and felt that Mcgee was trying to embarrass his team.

Mcgee casually told that he was happy with Brandon fouling him. He said he was going to air all the three anyways.

Jennings was also upset at the fact that the Warriors kept Curry in the game even after scoring 42 points. John Wall was on Jennings side stating that he felt the same way.

Wall told reporters that when a team is that far ahead of another team, they are to take a shot clock violation and just hold the ball. He felt that what Brandon did was justified because he also believes that Mcgee was trying to embarrass them.

Kerr agreed with both players that JaVale should not have gone for the three.

Coach Scott Brooks of the Wizards called a timeout after missing the three-pointer. When the game was over, Brooks was clearly upset.

Kerr says that he felt awkward with the way the game ended. He stated that he tried to apologize to Scott. Kerr said that his team was not trying to offend the other teams’ players.

Jennings scored nine points and three assists during the game. He played the whole fourth quarter as well. Too bad that won’t be what he’ll be remembered for.

When Jennings was asked how his teammates felt about the play, he said that none of them were really complaining. He stated that since they are headed for the playoffs that they need to get more physical and meaner with the other players. He does not regret the shove.

The Wizards Felt Disrespected After Sundays Game