Train carrying around 1,200 riders was stuck in a tunnel for almost 3 hours

Last Friday, a train carrying around 1,200 riders got stuck in a tunnel for almost 3 hours. Then, police used to stun gun to restrain a man who was being disruptive, and a stampede broke out! What occurred on Friday is one of many issues with trains that is reeking havoc in the urban area, NY citizens are fed up with malfunctioning trains.

When the train station was going through overhead power problems last Friday, the New Jersey Transit train stopped working in the Hudson River tunnel. A spokeswoman for the New Jersey Transit says that the train finally made it to New York’s Penn Station that evening.

The crowd went crazy after seeing a man being tasered by New York Police officers. For some reason, there were rumors that a gun was going off which led people running and screaming. A few ended up with non-life threatening injuries due to the mishap.

Delays were running close to two hours on the New Jersey Transit and the Amtrak. However, it was only a week ago that a train became derailed on the New Jersey Transit. Which shut down eight tracks. Luckily, there were no injuries.

Mia Sanati, who was aboard the train, said that once the lights turned back on, everyone began cheering.

Those already facing time restraints haven’t been too happy about the recent delays. One rider, Adam Rosen, who is a chemical engineer riding the transit to Hamilton, New Jersey every day also had something to say. He says that the delays went from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. He also says that it’s horrible and inconvenient.

In a statement to those affected by the recent delays, New Jersey Transit executive director Steven Santoro wrote in the statement that he and his team sincerely apologize for the mishaps and would like to receive comments back from their riders.