Violet Mosse-Brown Becomes Oldest Victorian Woman

117-year-old Jamaican Native Violet Mosse-Brown has become the oldest person in the world! She once worked on a large sugar plantation as a young woman. Everyone knows her by “Auntie V” where she was born in Duanvale, Trelawny Jamaica on March 10th 1990. She ascribes her life span to her genes and commitment in serving God. She acquired the title after the death of Emma Morano, believed to be the final survivor of the nineteenth century, born in 1899.

Violet Mosse-Brown’s younger years were spent at a plantation cutting sugar canes.

Later on in her life, she bought an area of land where her family has been living for almost 200 years. Her son still lives with her on the same land at the age of 95 years old. Even Violet Mosse-Brown’s mother lived until she was nearly 100 years old.

Violet’s biography on the Violet Mosse Foundation website explains how she began growing her own sugarcanes to sell at a local market. The Violet Mosse Foundation fights to guarantee seniors receive an excellent quality of life nationwide.

Even at the age of 117, Violet doesn’t use reading glasses. Her biography says she has an incredible sense of humor, and that she loves telling life stories from growing up in rural Jamaica, during a time with no electricity or water.
Violet Mosse-Brown is known as a community activist and taught music at her church for over 80 years. Her husband, Augustus Gaynor Brown, was the town’s cemetery keeper. She also took over his business after his passing.

Being born when Jamaica was still a part of the West Indies makes Violet Mosse-Brown the oldest living Victorian!

Violet Mosse-Brown Becomes Oldest Person In The World