Bible Verse Written On Aaron Hernandez’s Forehead

Reports show that when officers discovered Aaron Hernandez, 27, in his Massachusetts prison cell hanging from his bedsheet, they also saw the bible verse “John 3:16” was written in red marker on his forehead and the prison wall.

The former tight end for the New England Patriots was found by guards around 3:00 am on April 19th. He was sent to the hospital but was pronounced dead around an hour later.

Wednesday, investigators spoke to the staff at the prison, looked over security videos, and gathered evidence from his cell.

There was no suicide note left in his cell, and police say there were no indications on him being suicidal. If there were any, he would have gone to a mental health institution. Even Aaron’s family says that there was never any signs of self-harm or suicidal thoughts.

Aaron’s attorney says that he was looking forward to having a second opportunity to prove that he is innocent. His family and friends are devastated and determined to discover the truth.

The thought of his death being a suicide put his family, friends, and legal team in a state of disbelief. Everyone was looking for an answer to the tragic death of a young football star with a 5-year, $40mn NFL contract extension.

Five days before Hernandez’s death, the court cleared him of all charges surrounding the shooting murder of two men in 2012. When first convicted, it was thought that while at a club in Boston, Aaron shot the two men over one of them spilling their drink on him.

However, at the time, he was already serving a life sentence for the 2013 death of Odin Lloyd, a fellow pro-football player, who was dating Hernandez’s fiancee’s sister, Shayanna Jenkins.

Wednesday, the Patriots had no comment on his death, and President Trump also didn’t bring it up at an event at the White House that day.

Aaron was a well-known tight end at the University of Florida. However, he fell to the fourth round of the NFL draft over college issues. Including a bar fight and a failed drug test. His name was even brought up during a shooting investigation.

Regardless, he was a valuable Patriots tight end for three seasons, catching 79 passes for 910 yards and 7 TD’s in his second season, helping the team get to the Super Bowl.

However, in 2013, Hernandez was released from the Patriot’s after being accused of murdering Lloyd.

Just last week, Aaron Hernandez was clear of charges surrounding a drive-by shooting of two Boston men. Investigators caught pictures of him blowing his daughter kisses in the courtroom while waiting for deliberation.

Some officials thought Hernandez might have shot Lloyd to keep him from telling anyone about his two previous murders. Lloyd’s lawyer representing his mother confirms that she is pushing a lawsuit for wrongful death against Aaron’s estate, including his house worth $1.3 mn.

A friend of the family, Mixson Philip, wonders if he couldn’t bear the weight of his actions any longer. He believes the guilt finally hit Aaron because he does have a heart and a soul. He just couldn’t wear the mask any longer.

In Aaron’s old neighborhood in Connecticut, many friends were also grieving his death. They say that especially after being cleared of the double murder, they don’t feel that he would have committed suicide. The pieces just don’t add up.

Bible Verse Written On Aaron Hernandez’s Forehead