Is Kim Jong Un Losing Power Over His People?

It is expected of North Koreans to glorify their leader Kim Jong Un as if he were God-like. They are to pray heavily for him and sing a song of pledge for him. Those caught not submitting to his wishes could face torture and anguish. However, this is all typical behavior for those living in Korea. These same rituals were in place when his grandfather and father, Kim Jong Il were rulers.

As of late, those in North Korea who openly praise their ruler are getting looks of disdain. As Kim Jong Un continue’s to rule with an iron fist, his followers have also begun losing morale for him.

When Did The Change Begin?

The decline of praises began back when his father, Kim Jong Il was the leader. However, it was done so in a more private manner. After Kim Jung Un had become the leader in 2011, people became bolder about not following the tradition. Most are known not to follow these traditions while in their home or around close friends.

According to sources in North Korea, one reason for the change is the nation’s weak economy. A different source spoke with reporters saying that some people still praise him publicly, but it is fear driven.

The source says that people never know when they’re around a state agent, so they mind their words and mannerisms.

The United Nations has been watching North Korea heavily for years now because of human rights issues. Back in 2014, a report of the U.N.’s Commission of Inquiry of Human Rights came out. The report states that they were forcing women to have abortions and many people were being raped and murdered in North Korea. The nature of these extremities shows the state in which the country is being run, and it is not conducive.