Ezequiel Lavezzi Apologies For Racist Picture

Hebei China Fortune’s Ezequiel Lavezzi has sent out an apology for his actions after drawing fire for a hostile photograph that was released online a week ago. In a picture taken of him while at a photo shoot in Spain, the Argentinean chose to pull his eyelids back to have a more Asian look. In China, what he did is frowned upon and considered hostile.

Ezequiel Lavezzi is part of China’s Super League.

Hebei and Lavezzi sent out apology letters to the people of China after the incident. In Lavezzi’s statement, he indicated that he told by the photographer to make interesting poses and faces which for a short period would be used for amusement. He said it was not his intentions to insult the people of China.

According to Hebei, when Lavezzi first became a part of the team in early 2016, everyone loved him. The players accepted him right away, and fans adored him.

Hebei said that Lavezzi continues to show China how much he loves their people and culture. Hebei and his team spoke with Lavezzi. He made it known that he did not take the picture with bad intentions.
His coach went on to say that as a club, he and his team are deeply and sincerely sorry. There was a lack of judgment when it came to the picture.
Also, Lavezzi said that he cherishes playing ball in China and he will be more careful of his actions. He was able to play about ten times for Hebei during 2016 before he was injured. 32-year-old Lavezzi was considered a very effective player as he was about to score three goals and made five assists during his last three games.

As indicated by Football Leaks, the club is paying Lavezzi US$56.7 million for his two-year contract. That’s definitely more than most players. With former Real Madrid and Manchester City director Manuel Pellegrini as the head mentor, Hebei China Fortune is as of now fourth in the CSL standing.