Traveling From North Korea To Russia Just Got Easy

Recently, a ferry service for freights and those looking to travel between North Korea and Russia has kicked off.

The ferry boat will take weekly trips from Rajin, a port in North Korea to a port in Vladivostok, located in East Russia.

According to Vladimir Baranov, the man in charge of operations, passengers from North Korea who work in Russia will love the service. Also, it’s perfect for tourist from North Korea who don’t get the chance to visit the sea.

Baranov went on to say that it’s best to ship cargo with the new ferry.  Before, it would take 22 days for a ship to get to both countries.

Companies that service Russian tourist have been expressing their interest in creating more ferries that can bring people to Russia.

All things considered, the North Korea ferry is perfect.

Since the countries are within an economic trading zone, travelers don’t need visas to board. Instead, an invitation is required from a tourist firm.

After crazy missile launch tests in Pyongyang, citizens have been on high alert. The U.S. government has said that North Korea’s weaponry testing is a great concern.

Early in the week, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia told reporters that he is not interested intimidating the North Korean People’s Army.

On Thursday, Rossiya, a news channel in Russia, broadcasted the ferry while it was at the Vladivostok port. Local citizens were not allowed on the boat due to an unclaimed bag being in the area. Security had the situation under control, and no one was harmed.

A source from a Chinese tourism business told Rossiya reporters that the ferry is ideal for those who want to see Russia and North Korea within the same day.

So far, Baranov has stated that 60 Chinese tourists have reserved trips for the next voyage. The ferry includes 40 cabins, a room for karaoke, and plenty of bars.