Fox News Fires Bob Beckel After Racist Remarks

Bob Beckel was given the ax from Fox News after he allegedly said something racist to an African-American friend.

The attorney representing the African-American that Bob Beckel insulted, said that Beckel stormed out of the room after the employee went to his service desk. Beckel said that the employee, after feeling offended was leaving because the man was black. The man who came under assault by Beckel plans to file a complaint against Fox.

The Africa-American man’s attorney is already suing the 21st Century Fox for making other racial slurs to two other African-American employees. Fox states that they knew about Beckel’s offensive racial comment. They apparently had known Tuesday during the day, which leads to them making an internal investigation resulting in him being fired.


Fox News Made a Statement on Friday Afternoon

The report announced how Fox News went through an intense and vigorous investigation into their decision to terminate Mr. Beckel. Fox News also said that they were so very sorry about the words uttered by Mr. Beckel, to the insulted employee.

Mr. Beckel rejoined Fox at the beginning of the year after an incident at CNN. He began working at Fox in 2000. Beckel also was a host on the show “The Five.” In this series, he and his colleagues spoke on current events.

Beckel did speak about his past problems with alcohol and cocaine. Mr. Beckel’s show was moved to 9 P.M. on Fox News last month. This happened after Bill O’Reilly was found guilty of sexual harassment and abuse allegations. Juan Williams is now going to be the primary host of the TV series “The Five.”

Beckel’s firing came during a period of turmoil for Fox News. First O’Reilly was let go, during which O’Reilly and Fox News had to pay over thirteen million to the woman who had assault cases against him. Founder of the network, Roger Ailes, passed away last Thursday at the age of 77.