Husband and Wife Conceive Sextuplets

Earlier in May, Ajibola Taiwo was able to give birth to sextuplets, or six babies at one time. Ajibola gave birth to three girls and three boys.

As of Thursday, the babies could still be seen in the neonatal intensive care unit at Richmond Hospital. Last week, their mother went home, but she continues to go back up to the hospital to care for her babies.

The little ones made their way into the world May 11 at 8;26 am. Their mother’s medical team was a mixture of 40 different individuals.

Ajibola and Adeboye Taiwo tried to conceive children for 17 years, but on their last try, they were able to conceive sextuplets!

The weight of the babies ranges from 10 ounces up to 2 pounds. In a statement from the hospital, it was said that the children are thriving. So far, there isn’t any information on when the babies will be able to go home with their mother and father.

As of now, the parents of the kids and their doctors are not speaking with the media.

Ajibola did say that she hopes that her smallest child grows up to tell everyone how small they were but to look at them now.

Both native to western Nigeria, Ajibola, and her husband had tried to have children for almost 20 years. At their first ultrasound, they were very happy to hear four heartbeats.

But it wasn’t until they went to visit a doctor in January that they found out there were two more little ones in Ajibola’s womb.

Adeboye Taiwo said that he was thankful to be the father of so many babies at one time.

There was months of planning and pre-delivery drills when it came to delivering all of Ajibola’s babies.

Medical staff worked had with mom and dad, making sure to provide encouragement and support as the time drew close for the kids to arrive.

It is very rare to hear of someone birthing sextuplets. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, out of almost 4 million live births in 2015, only 24 of them were quintuplets or more.