NBA Legend Michael Jordan’s Jersey Up For Bid

When you’re an NBA Legend like Michael Jordan, your name will continue to carry weight no matter where you go. Or in this case, what you have worn. Currently, an Olympic jersey worn by the basketball star has a starting bid of 10,000 big ones!

Jordan wore the jersey in question during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. It is said to be the main attraction that’s part of a sports auction. Other memorabilia in the auction includes items from Steph Curry, Babe Ruth, Brett Farve, Kobe Bryant, Lou Gehrig, and many more.

Bidding will commence on June 2 and will continue through June 21.

The website conducting the auction is

NBA Star’s Jersey Ready For Bids

Do such questions really exist when it comes to an item of Michael Jordan?

But seriously, it was during the 1984 Olympics that fans worldwide were first given the opportunity to see the megastar athlete.

According to the website, Jordan’s jersey is a stand alone piece because it is the only Olympic jersey worn by Jordan that can be photo matched.

During the Summer Olympics of ’84, the U.S. men’s basketball team took home the gold.

There isn’t a current value in place on the Jordan jersey. That doesn’t mean it won’t bring in high numbers. Memorabilia from the NBA giant always does well on the Grey Flannel Auctions website. As reported by, a jersey worn by Jordan from the 1992 Olympics sold for a whopping $39,178 back in ’07.

Also, a pair of Nike’s worn by Michael Jordan while playing early on in the NBA went for $71,553.

Those a fan of Steph Curry has the chance to bid on a pair of sneakers by him during the 2016 NBA Western Conference Quarterfinals. They were up against the Houston Rockets. They currently sit at $2,500 bid.

The website states that shows have the words I can do all things and Romans 8:28, written on them in silver marker.

Another Curry item up for grabs is a jersey that he wore during the 2015 season. The jersey had Curry’s autograph.