Kathy Griffin Still In Hot Water

Well, comedian Kathy Griffin has been all over the news lately, and not for anything remotely funny. A video surfaced of her holding the severed head of a man who highly resembles Trump has come with full consequences.

While talking to reporters on Friday, through tears, Griffin told them that she feels her career is over. Since Tuesday, when the video first hit the scene, she has lost a lot. Every single one of her upcoming comedy shows has been canceled. Griffin was also fired from co-hosting CNN’s annual New Years Eve Special.

Kathy Feels As Though the Trumps Are at Fault for Ruining Her Life

She also claims that the Secret Service has been in contact with her.

On Friday, the Secret Service chose not to comment.

Griffin, who is 56, has said over and over that the video was meant to be a parody.
She also stated that she would continue to make jokes about the president.

Those not sensing the humor in Griffin’s joke continue to show disdain. So far this week, five performances that Griffin was supposed to be in were canceled.

From New York to New Mexico, venues continue to drop upcoming shows starring Griffin.

She was supposed to be Sen. Al Franken special guest during an event to help promote his latest book, Giant of the Senate. He dis-invited her.

Due to many Minnesotans being upset, he felt it would be best for her not to attend the event. Senator Franken said that he doesn’t want the negativity following her to follow him.

She was also supposed to endorse Squatty Potty, but after the incident, the chose to drop Griffin.

Griffin did apologize about the images, but obviously, hearing sorry wasn’t enough.

Trump sent out a tweet saying that Griffin should be ashamed of herself for releasing such negative photos.

Tuesday’s incident is not the first time the comic has received backlash for her off-color humor, but none have garnered as much attention.