Fans Show Support at Gregg Allman’s Funeral

Armies of fans lined the avenues of Macon, Georgia, on Saturday to show respect music legend, Gregg Allman. He was brought to his final resting place, close to his brother Duane, in the cemetery that the two used right melodies together in.

Friends, family, and even other musicians who played with the Allman Brothers Band back in the day came to show love and support.

People were blaring out old tunes of his, and some were reminiscing about old concerts. One fan, Kelli Jo Hickman, told reporters that she wouldn’t have missed the funeral for the world. She said that he mom played music from the All Brothers back in the ’70s and that’s when she fell in love with the band.

Fans World Wide Come To Show Support

100 close family and friends came to the private ceremony held for Gregg . Cher, who was an ex of Gregg’s was present, and so were band mates.

Allman,  pioneered a trail for some southern rockers. He kicked the bucket May 27 at 69 years old at his home near Savannah, Georgia. He died of cancer of the liver.

Conceived in Nashville, Tennessee, Allman was brought up in Florida by a single parent. Allman loved his older brother, Duane, and went on to play in bands with him. Before they became super famous, in 1971, Duane died in a motorcycle accident.

In his 2012 diary, My Cross to Bear Allman said he, at last, felt fresh out of the box new at 50 following quite a while of overindulging in ladies, medications, and liquor. In any case, hepatitis C demolished his liver, and after getting a transplant, it was music that helped him recuperate.

Allman felt that being out and about playing music for his fans was the core solution for his spirit. As per an announcement from the Big House, the Macon historical center committed to the band.