New Found Research Says No To Bed-Sharing

New found research suggest that babies should sleep in their own rooms by the age of 6 months.

Study author Dr. Ian Paul has stated that the longer you allow your baby to sleep in the same bed as you, the more likely they are to develop sleep issues.

Also, sleeping with parents brings the risk of the infant roaming into the room and getting in bed with mom. This makes for a higher chance of sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS) says, Paul.

The American Academy of Pediatrics renewed their recommendations for sharing a room with babies and parents.

Sleeping In The Bed With Your Infant Can Be Dangerous

Now they recommend for children that are six months to sleep in the same bedroom as parents but in a different bed. Before, they recommended for infants to sleep in their own room entirely.

Researchers gave our questionnaires to 230 new moms. Their little ones were 4, 9, 12 and 30 months of age.

The research showed that babies who were allowed to sleep on their were able to get an extra 40 minutes of sleep as opposed to those who slept with their mom.

Also, the research found that children who stayed in the room with their parents at 4 and nine months were for times likelier of going back into their parent’s bed at night.

Dr. Fern Hauck, who was also a part of the study, said that the study shines light on room-sharing. She said that the evidence provided in the study shows how room-sharing can lead to bed-sharing, which is highly dangerous.

Paul acknowledges that there are some discrepancies within the study. One is that the study doesn’t accurately represent the entire population of the U.S. Also, those who participated in the research were white females, and the majority had incomes there were $75,000 and up.

Paul said that with all of the information they have gathered, he believes it is best to transfer a baby into their own room by six months.