Derek Fisher Lands In Jail

After flipping his Cadillac on U.S. Highway, Derek Fisher, who once played for the Los Angeles Lakers, has been arrested. According to officials, neither Fisher or the passenger riding with him, girlfriend Gloria Govan, were hurt.

The 2015 Cadillac flipped over when Fisher swerved into the right shoulder on the highway, hitting the curb and guardrail. The car landed on the roof as it was blocking two lanes of traffic. Police on the scene gave Fisher a DUI test, which he failed, and hauled him off to jail. A DUI test was given to Fisher. He was suspected of driving while intoxicated.

In a statement made by Derek and Gloria, they both said that they are very thankful that no one was with them or got hurt during the accident. They also stated that they thank the Lord above for keeping them alive. They went on to thank family, friends, and supporters. Back in June of 2014, the Knicks offered Fisher a position as the first coach, after Phil Jackson.

The Two Did Not Mention Fisher’s Arrest

During the first season with Fisher coaching, their record deemed the worst in the history basketball, was 17-65. The second season started off on a better note. Jackson fired Fisher last year during February. So far this year, Fisher can be seen on TNT, as an analyst. He also works for Spectrum SportsNets, covering the Lakers.

In others news, Elena Delle Donne was able to score 23 points and 15 rebounds, a career-high for Donne, against the Atlanta Dream. Before that, she blew the 18 point lead they had against them during the second half. Kiah Stokes, who plays for the New York Liberty, was able to score 23 points, a career high for her as well, against the Phoenix Mercury. Stokes also had 14 rebounds during the game.They weer able to beat them 88-72.