Germany and The Vaccine Epidemic

In the country of Germany, kindergartens will have to tell the German health authority if the parents haven’t given proof that their children have been vaccinated. This new policy will take place in July. This new system will make a change a previous law in Germany. This old policy required parents to give proof that they went to a program called vaccination counseling before enrolling their child or children in kindergarten. This law has been in effect for the past three years. It has never required schools to report parents who haven’t been counseled by their doctors.

Germany Has Recorded 634 Cases of Measles Since May 7

Last year, there were only sixty-two cases. One particular instance told that a thirty-seven-year-old woman from Essen, Germany died from cases of the measles. Measles is a viral disease, which typically leads to other complications, like pneumonia and encephalitis.

Besides just Germany, other countries like Italy, Somalia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Ukraine, and the United States of America, have all reported ongoing outbreaks or even higher cases of the measles compared to last years.

Immunity to diseases occurs only after a sickness or vaccine, which are versions of the disease that have been killed or weakened, which make our immune system make a defense against the actual illness.

Vaccinations are somewhat protective, but not one hundred percent. Take a look at United Stated outbreaks of measles or mumps. 90% of the people have had the vaccination against these viruses since 2000. Typically the person who gets sick are the ones who don’t get the vaccine. Although some individuals who have had the vaccine still get the virus during an outbreak.

According to medical staff, either 92% or 95% of children need to receive two doses of measles shots. They need one mumps shot and the one rubella. In this case, the whole group is under protection by individuals who have the vaccine. Even an active, dangerous disease such as the measles cannot spread when the immunity level has reached it’s limit.