Patriots Finally Receive Super Bowl LI Rings

It’s been four months since the New England Patriots won what some would consider the greatest Super Bowl of all time. Well, the team has recently received their rings and let’s just say, they were built for winners.

On the front of the ring, five Lombardi Trophies can be seen. They represent the five Championships won by the Pats. The design, which represents a football, that resembles the rings won by the team after Super Bowls XXXIX and XLIX. This particular ring’s background is blue instead of silver and laid with diamonds.

On the inside of the jewelry are the words we are patriots. Also, engraves is the greatest comeback ever. That refers to the fact that they were down 25 points before they beat the Atlanta Falcons.

Patriot’s 2016 Super Bowl LI Rings Are Humongous

The most prominent aspect of the ring is that it features 283 diamonds. 283 is a nod the fact that in the third quarter, they had a 28-3 lead over the Falcons.

The owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, said in a statement that the team had their first Super Bowl ring ceremony over a decade ago. He went on to say that it was the first championship game that they had one in 42 years. Kraft said at the time, he could not imagine being any more excited than he was at that moment. He id that with the team’s good luck that they have been able to celebrate five Super Bowl championships, and the parties and the rings continue to grow in size.

Kraft went on to say that the players had a historic comeback and they deserve a ring that represents that epic event. So, the makers went ahead and made the biggest Super Bowl rings ever. The look on the teammates and coaches faces were priceless. They were definitely over joyed.