Where Has Cameron Diaz Been?

Well, Cameron Diaz is an amazing actress playing in hundreds of films and TV shows. She was last in Annie in 2014. She co-starred with Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis, Bobby Cannavale, and Rose Byrne. Diaz is one of the most famous and highest paid actresses in Hollywood throughout her whole career. She said her career started taking over her life from filming movies and being on constant sets for two decades non-stop was just too much.

On an interview with Goop Wellness Summit on June 10, 2017, she expressed how she doesn’t know who she is anymore. Cameron Diaz also discussed how she wanted to put herself first, making herself whole again and facing the reality of it all. As for the year 2017 movie projects for the fabulous Cameron Diaz, there is none.

Cameron Diaz Has Been Out Of The Spotlight For Some Time Now

Diaz served as a moderator on the Goop Wellness Summit alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Tory Burch and Miranda Kerrand. When the whole crew was about to wrap things up, Goop founder asked Cameron’s beloved friends about their relationships. They asked Diaz why did she wait to get married until she was forty years old to get married. Right off the back, Cameron Diaz corrected her beloved friend saying I was forty-one actually.

Ms. Diaz then went on to tell her friend that it is just the fact that she hadn’t met her now current husband till much later in her life. The well-known actress also stated that she has had boyfriends in the past before her husband and how there is such a huge difference between a spouse and just a boyfriend.

Benji Madden is the lead guitarist and singer in the band Good Charlotte and Cameron Diaz husband. Diaz says her husband is her partner in everything regardless of how different they are.
Cameron included that her better half of two years bolsters her in ways she never envisioned conceivably.