Doctors Concerned About Overweight Pregnant Women

Doctors and health specialist are encouraging women who are overweight to slim down before carrying a child. Studies have shown that woman who is overweight and gets pregnant are at risk for different problems during their pregnancy. If the woman could become healthier before conceiving, she could avoid a lot of possible issues.

Recent research has been announced showing the high-risk factors of women with higher BMI’s having babies with congenital disabilities. A person’s BMI is measured by their weight and height meaning body mass index. A spokesperson for the recent information and book say that it’s important to adopt a healthier lifestyle before conception.

People have known for some time that it is not safe to become pregnant while being overweight. Health physicians have been telling their patients for years, but the new study says the congenital disabilities and malformations are only getting worse and becoming more common. Congenital disabilities could affect the child’s nervous system, physical appearance, and even organs. Researchers in Sweden report that 1.2 million live singleton births were children with congenital disabilities. Their mother were overweight. The study started in 2001 to 2014 and continued to increase.

Doctors Urge Obese Women To Lose Weight Before Becoming Pregnant

Of mother’s with healthy BMI’s ranging from 18.5 to 24, about 3.4 percent of them had babies with some sort of congenital disability.

Mothers who were overweight, with BMI’s ranging from 25-29 were 3.5 percent more at risk for delivering a baby with some form of birth defect. For obese mothers, their risks were even higher at4.2 percent. Mother’s in weight categories greater than obese had a 4.7 percent chance.
For ladies thinking about becoming pregnant, if overweight, they should take provisions.  Head of nourishment science at Public Health England, Prof Louis Levy, stated that unhealthy eating habits during pregnancy could influence the future outcome of their future little one. Doctors encourage ladies to go for a healthy weight before pregnancy and to be cautious of what they eat during those nine months.