Colin Kaepernick Still No News

Colin Kaepernick is still yet to have a contract any team in the NFL. It has raised a lot of serious questions. Be that as it may, Kaepernick has done very little when it comes to trying to get the public to push for his employment.
As of now, all we know is that Adam Schefter said that he had chosen o stand during the National Anthem in 2017.

Before becoming a free agent, Schefter told reporters that Colin does not want they way he chose to protest to distract from what he has already been able to accomplish. He feels that all of the media coverage on his protest shows that his message got his message.

Colin Kaepernick Has Yet To Go Public About Future Plans

But none of those words have been actually heard out of Kaepernick’s mouth. Publicly, Kaepernick has not spoken on his unemployment or plans for the future. He did tell Shannon Sharpe that information about contractual expectations, such as wanting a $10 million dollar contract, are far from the truth.

To believe that Kaepernick would sit back and wait for teams to call him is a bit absurd. It would make more sense to have his agent call around to every team and ask them what could be done to sign him.

Nobody knows what Kaepernick wants, due to him not telling anyone. He hasn’t said what he expects financially. Fans don’t know if he’ll take whatever spot he can get from an NFL team. People are wondering if he’s going to try and play football up in Canada.

Kaepernick needs to take the time now to let teams know what he wants and what he plans to do. He needs to let the public know if he feels he is being looked over whether for politics or his talent. Kaepernick needs to come out and let us know something. Until he addresses what’s going on, there’s nothing more to talk about.