Heat Waves Threaten Three-quarters Of World

Heat waves are going to go up within the next 80 years causing death and famine to three-thirds of the world’s population, says, scientists.

When huge quantities of greenhouse gases leak into the atmosphere, heat waves occur and and can lead to death. They cold possibly affect three-quarters of the world’s population.

In over 1,900 places around the planet, people have passed away due to the humid and hot weather. This has been happening since the ’80s. In Moscow, 2010, more than 10,800 people had died due to heat. In Paris in 2003, around 4,900 people died due to heat.

Research has found that a third of the population had been exposed to at least twenty days if not more of potentially deadly conditions.

Many researchers have warned that they figure this number will increase to 73 percent by the end of this century. This will only occur if carbon emissions continue at the high levels they are at now. In fact, the most aggressive program of greenhouse gas reductions would only cover 47 percent of the population.

Heat Waves and Climate Change

A sad factor to take in is that the climate is changing so fast that humans are very unlikely to evolve for a better fight against higher temperatures. Climate is changing 170 faster than it supposed to. In fact, it is already causing problems for many animals and plants.

The human body can only work with a limited scope of center body temperatures around 37 °C. Heatwaves represent a significant hazard to human life because hot climate, bothered with high dampness, can raise body temperature, promoting life undermining conditions.

People can survive temperatures higher than 98.6 °F if their body heat drops. This happens when people sweat. Be that as it may, when it’s humid,  this procedure ends up noticeably incapable as sweat just evaporates of the skin.

Heatwaves during humid conditions can cause death at temperatures lower than 37 °C.